It’s been a while…

Because I’m terrible at keeping up with stuff like this. No, really. Every time I start a blog or journal or diary, I make it approximately 4 entries in and then randomly stop. I miss one day and the whole thing goes out the window. Go figure. 🙂 So here we are, a couple (maybe a few) weeks after my last post…I never posted the recipe for the cake, I haven’t updated about our foray into sleep training, I haven’t started refinishing the dresser that’s sitting in our garage…looks like I’ve been pretty productive!

Starting from the top:
I woke up on R’s birthday fully intending to bake him his favorite red velvet cake, only to find out that he would have to leave around 1130am for work and wouldn’t be returning until past baby M’s bed time. This seriously cuts into our celebration time, so I need to make his cake nice and early…because we’re having cake for breakfast. And then I realize that I have no cocoa powder, no red food coloring, and no icing. Oops. I take baby M to the grocery store while R is still asleep…only now I don’t have time to bake a cake, allow it to cool, frost it, and then serve it before R has to leave! I ended up buying half of a sheet cake and asking the lady in the bakery to write on it for me, and then I packed 28 candles onto the top and served it up for R’s super healthy birthday breakfast! No red velvet cake for him…but he did enjoy the chocolate-on-chocolate concoction I was able to pick up VERY last minute, so it all worked out in the end. 🙂
As far as the sleep training goes, Baby M has done VERY well! He goes down in his crib after I nurse him with very little fussing every night now! Typically, he sleeps from about 730pm to somewhere between 2-4am, I change his diaper and nurse him, and then he’s back down until about 7am! So Mommy is a happy camper in the sleep department…until the last 4 nights. I think maybe we’re teething again, because SOMEONE has been inconsolable in the middle of the night, occasional low fever…he’s even had some pretty outrageous diarrhea. He’s needed new jammies twice and a new sheet in the crib once. 😦 I ordered a Baltic amber teething necklace online last Thursday, so hopefully it comes in the mail tomorrow. {As a sidebar, I hate when people refer to themselves as a part of the group in an activity that is so only a one person thing…ie: WE’RE pregnant, WE’RE teething, etc….but I have now learned that teething is a group effort if I’ve ever seen one. Baby might be getting the majority of the pain and suffering, but Mom and Dad are the ones up in the middle of the night comforting, they’re the ones getting bitten and chewed on, and they’re DEFINITELY the ones changing the 6th diarrhea diaper of the day at 1100am. And by Mom and Dad, I mean Mom, and by THEY, I mean I.} But I think we’ll hopefully be back to normal soon!
As far as the stupid dresser…WHO KNOWS if that’ll ever happen! Lol. I mean, I’ve had the darn thing for months. Ideally, Baby M would start to sleep in his crib for naptimes, and I could get it done in shifts while he sleeps…but naptime is for snuggling, and I’m not ready to give that up yet. So we’ll just have to see! Y’all can set up a pool on how long it takes me to start on it, and then another for how long it takes to actually do it!
And as a little extra tidbit of info: I quit caffeine, cold turkey! Today was day three with zero caffeine in my system. I think Baby M napped a little better (caffeine does pass into breast milk, and I was hoping that would help push his sleep issues over the edge), and the headaches stopped after the first day and I’m definitely more hydrated! So that’s what’s new in our house lately! 🙂

See you all again in 2-3 weeks? 😀


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