Birthday cake. Let’s talk about it.

Mmmmmm. Cake, icing, candles, what’s not to love? Tomorrow is the hub’s birthday, so I’d like to make him a cake. I’ll probably stick with his favorite (red velvet! Yum!), and I’ll post the recipe for everyone, too. This cake was the first thing I ever made from scratch, so it’s easy enough for a novice baker. I remember having a conversation the first time I met a certain Mrs Mchale (I can’t believe that was 2 years ago!!) about what makes red velvet cake different from any other cake. I’ll be honest: I didn’t know then, and I still don’t know now. Red velvet is our favorite, so I’ve never made another from scratch! That recipe will be up tomorrow, and I definitely recommend trying it out! And anyone out there who looks at it and can tell me what’s different about it from any other cake, feel free to let me know!

Ok, so that this post isn’t essentially telling you about another post I’ll make tomorrow, I’ll give you an update. Our poor little man is sick, but hopefully he’ll feel better after a good nights rest. He went down without any issues tonight, so we’ll have to wait and see. He and I both got flu shots today when I brought him in for his 9 month appointment, and he took his like a champ! He only cried for a minute. I really didn’t like his new doctor here in Texas, so I called our insurance on the way home and got switched over so we can pick a new one. I’ll keep you updated on that situation as we get into it. 🙂 and, like I said, hubs is celebrating a birthday tomorrow! The big 28! He’s starting to get to that point where he hates his birthdays now because he feels old, but I’m hoping he still enjoys it. We’ll see!!


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