Is it possible…

To be addicted to Benadryl? When it’s warm out (and hey, I live in South Texas), I get itchy bumps on my arms and legs, and itchy (minus the bumps) on my face. I’ve tried calamine and this year I bought Benadryl cream, but only taking the actual pills helps me to sleep at night…I just really don’t like how drowsy I feel in the morning after taking it. But anyway, after taking it for a few nights, I sometimes feel like I can’t fall asleep as easily without it. Which is shocking, given the lack of sleep I’ve had for the last 9 months. But on to the fun! —

I tried a new finger food for Mac today–shout out to Sarah for the idea!– I cut a sweet potato into small pieces, tossed in a bit of olive oil, sprinkled with cumin and paprika, and roasted it in the oven. Mac LOOOOOOOVVVVES them, which is awesome, and it’s nice to be able to give him something healthy to munch on when he’s getting frustrated eating his purees while mom and dad are goin HAM on some burgers and baked beans. <–don't as me what happened there…I was overwhelmed by the urge to say it and I don't even know what it means.

We're also making good progress on the whole Sleep Training debacle. As I stated this morning, little dude technically slept through the night last night. He went down at approximately 7:30, woke to get a new diaper and nurse at 3:30, and then went back down until 7am. He did wake up and fuss a couple of times throughout the night, but no more than twice and it barely even woke me up. If I wasn't such a light sleeper, I probably would've slept right through them.

I bought everything I need to refinish the dresser sitting in our garage! I bought this thing secondhand off of a resale group on Facebook, with every intention of refinishing or painting it. This dresser is BUTT UGLY. If youre looking at the front, the drawers are finished nice and dark on the sides, but fade into a lighter stain in the middle…and the sealant is so glossy that the wood gives off a reflection. Omg, it's terrible. AND when the people dropped it off, I found out that the dresser smells like cigarette smoke. Not exactly something that you can tell by looking at a picture online. So, I bought sand paper and a hand sander (the gentleman at Lowe's advised me not to use an electric sander), a quart of Kona stain, and a nice, low-gloss sealant. Hopefully I can work on it some this weekend while daddy watches the baby, but we might have to wait until Mac is able to nap restfully in his crib. So, I'm pretty excited to start on it. I also would like to attach some small shelves on the sides for baby books, and I want to paint the sides of the drawers with a chevron print…just because I think it would be fun. 🙂

Well, that's all in the land of Heiser-dom at the moment…OH! Mac can now take 1-2 steps without falling over! But then he either loses his balance or gets so excited that he tries to jump and THEN loses his balance. But we're working on it. 😀


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