Orange Chicken

Ok, so I hope the link works. If it doesn’t, someone let me know and I’ll type it out myself. 🙂 The AWESOME thing about this recipe is that it can be changed and substitutions can be made at your discretion. For example, I doubled the amount of red pepper flakes in the sauce because we LOVE spicy food, and I used ground ginger instead of fresh ginger root, because I didn’t have ginger root on hand. You can bake the chicken instead of pan frying it, you can use fresh squeezed orange juice or whatever packaged kind you keep in the fridge! I think it’s pushing it to say that two chicken breasts serves 6 ppl…I make one chicken breast per person and then have 1-2 good lunches of leftovers normally. One note: using these instructions, I had a really difficult time getting the right consistency for the orange sauce. Instead of dissolving the cornstarch in water and then whisking it in, I suggest whisking very quickly while you add small amounts of corn starch to the sauce until you reach ALMOST the thickness you would like. Let it sit on low (or no) heat for 5-10 minutes and it’ll thicken up quite a bit. You can even make the sauce before hand and then refrigerate it until you’re ready to use it, and it’ll thicken even more! Also, this recipe does take quite a bit of time as written, so I like to make the sauce and prep the chicken (do everything except fry or bake it) the morning of the day I plan to make it for dinner, or even the day before so that I’m not standing in the kitchen for 1-2 hours at once.


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