Sleep Training (cont’d)

Woohoo! Mac slept most of the night. He woke up 4 times crying, but he soothed himself back to sleep each time! There was one extra wake-up mixed in there, but I changed his diaper and nursed him, and he went right back down without too much trouble! Hopefully he continues on this track and wakes up less frequently, but I’m definitely happy with this improvement. I got enough sleep so that when Mac woke up at 630 this morning, I was refreshed and happy to get up with him. This is the first time that’s happened in months! Just to see what would happen, I laid him down in his crib for his morning nap. As expected, he cried for 15-20 minutes. I mean, what could I expect? I was changing the rules AGAIN. Babies just don’t take that very well. But then, something great happened. Mac sat down, and then laid on his belly…and then he fell asleep! We’ll see how long he naps, but I’m so excited that I won’t wake him up with my daily horribly timed bathroom break! Today we’re making Orange Chicken with Fried Rice for dinner…I’ll post recipes with pictures later! It’s always a hit, so I’ll share with the class. 🙂



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