As I s

As I sit In my creaky rocking chair (the movers broke it and the hubs has yet to fill out our claim…) watching my 9 month old sleep, I’m writing my first blog. Blog post? Post? I’m blogging for the first time? You get the idea. Anyway, it’s 450pm in the lovely and boring town in Texas in which I live…and I’m at a complete loss for activities to keep myself busy. I mean, you can only watch the entire series of Friends so many times, right?! So this blog will be my new hobby. If, of course, I can actually remember to keep writing. Over the next few months, my goal is to discover new recipes, shed quite a bit of weight, sleep train an 8 month old, refinish at least one piece of furniture, and generally live life. We’ll see how many people choose to follow my “journey”. 🙂


One thought on “As I s”

  1. Edit: my child is 9 months old this coming Saturday, so I called him 9 months old at the beginning of this post and accidentally switched back to 8 months at the end of the post. Oops. Thanks to Christine Estrada for pointing this out. 😛


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